Keep Your Jewellery Collection Well Organised With a Jewellery Organiser

Daniel Wellington

For anyone who loves buying new jewellery pieces regularly, you’ll need somewhere to store your collection in order to keep it safe. It’s so easy for necklaces and bracelets to get tangled up or lost, and this can cost you a fortune in the long run. You’ll want to ensure you look after your dainty jewellery pieces, and the best option is using a jewellery organiser. Regardless of the size of your jewellery collection, you’ll find various options on offer when it comes to storing and organising your jewellery.

How Much Jewellery Do You Need to Store?

Before you choose a new jewellery organiser, you’ll want to consider the size of your jewellery collection. If you only have a few pieces of jewellery, a simple jewellery box will probably be enough to keep everything safe. However, if you have hundreds of pairs of earrings and different jewellery pieces, you’ll want to ensure you have a wide selection of drawers to look after your jewellery. We recommend taking stock of your jewellery collection before you even think about purchasing a new storage solution, as then you’ll have a good idea of what you need to store. Of course, you may also find you have old items which you no longer need, so this is a great time to review your collection and donate anything you may no longer use.

The Type of Jewellery You Are Storing

The type of jewellery you are storing will play a big part in the type of storage solution you are looking for. If you have a lot of stud earrings, try to find a specific earring holder where you can attach all of your earrings to the holder. This will ensure that your pairs of earrings stay together at all times, so you won’t risk losing earrings or their backs. If you have a good mixture of jewellery pieces, or your jewellery is still in its boxes, you’ll want to look at large storage options. There are plenty of jewellery organisers which have multiple drawers, and these will allow you to allocate a specific drawer for each type of jewellery you own.

The Size of Your Jewellery Organiser

Once you’ve ascertained how many items of jewellery you need to store, you’ll then want to look at the sizes of the jewellery organisers on offer. You’ll find that there are ones that are a single little holder up to options where there are three or four large drawers to choose from. If you have a dressing table in your bedroom, think about where you are going to place your new jewellery organiser. Although you may think that you have enough space on your desk or table, you’ll soon find it becomes cluttered if you add a large jewellery organiser. Measure out the space if you need to before adding a large set of drawers so that you can avoid any issues further down the line.

The Colour of Your Jewellery Organiser

When it comes to choosing a jewellery organiser, you’ll want to think about the colour scheme of your bedroom. We always recommend going for an elegant option when it comes to choosing a jewellery holder, such as silver, wood, or gold. These will all match your jewellery collection well and still look classy in any bedroom. You may like to get a clear plastic container if you are just looking for something that’s cheap and cheerful. Clear organisers are great, as you can see everything that’s placed inside them, so you won’t have to spend hours fumbling around for jewellery when you are in a rush each morning. Just make sure you choose something that will look stylish in your bedroom so that you are more encouraged to leave it out on display at all times.

The Design of Your Jewellery Organiser

The jewellery organiser you purchase should be reflective of your personal style and preferences. You’ll find so many different designs on the market today, so you won’t have to worry about finding something to suit your needs. Make sure you choose a jewellery organiser that is easy to open and close, as we often don’t have much time in the morning to find our favourite earrings or necklace. You’ll also want to ensure it can be easily cleaned, as you will likely be touching it every day. Look for a container that can easily be placed on any surface as well, or if you like to travel regularly, you might prefer to get one that you can roll up and then place in your suitcase.

Looking after your precious jewellery collection is so important, but it’s something that so many people neglect to do. After spending so much time and money investing in a beautiful collection, make sure you purchase a small jewellery organiser to look after your special pieces. This will ensure you never lose a pair of earrings again and that you aren’t struggling to find items that you wear every day for work. Jewellery organisers come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have no issue finding one to fit your current requirements. You don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your collection well organised, so make sure you decide on the best option for your needs and start tidying up your collection today.