Pros and Cons of GPS Golf Watch

Elias Gerald

GPS golf watches improve your golf game in many different ways. Most come with features that add to this: Speed, yardages to the left, center and right of the green. Distance to various obstacles on the course. Indicator lights telling you if you have gone too far to the right or left. And good, well designed buttons that make turning the device easy. Many also have back light.

The main problem with these gps watches is that they are not accurate enough to be useful. You can get some pretty good estimates by using them at home on an open course, but you probably won't get good numbers when you're playing in the woods. This is because the yardage to the front, middle and backdoor of the green is not included. That's where you need the yardage to be added.

One company has come up with the best solution. They have combined GPS technology with state of the art micro chips that give you the most accurate readings of wind, distance and other variables. The best garmin golf watches have this technology in them. The best garmin golf laser rangefinder watches also have this type of technology.

Some golf gps watches will show you yardages, while others will give you the percentage of getting the ball close to the hole. But, the real measure of how far it will go is, not just the distance, but the time it takes to get to that point. This is called the strokes per minute. Most good golf laser rangefinder watches will do just that. They will give you the seconds of each range at a glance so you can see if you are on track or off.

Another feature that really liked was the automatic time adjustment. That means you don't have to press a button when you hit your hole and adjust the time to your tee off. Instead, all you have to do is look down and a timer will pop up on the screen. Very handy for most golfers.

I was surprised by how accurate the modern golf gps watches are. I had been using some of the older style c-rings on my golf drivers. It seemed that the accuracy was not that accurate as I approached the hole. I found that, if I went out to hit a shot, my chip resulted in a miss. The garmin approach cam helped me eliminate these misses.

All the GPS in the GPS golf watches allow you to store the distance and the time you are on your way to the hole. Most of these can also be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This makes it easy to keep up with your closest approach, your wind speed and other yardages. This information can then be shared with your golf partners and other members of your club who may want to know what you are up to on your next shot.

If you are playing par three or par four holes, you should know that you are probably approaching those hazards. Your swing is probably helping you to stay on course and to eliminate hazards like sand traps and trees. Your next shot is now going to depend on your knowledge of your hazard location and how much you need to traverse to clear the hazard. That's when you need precision pro gps golf band. It takes all the physics and math you have learned over the years to a new level.

Most GPS comes pre-loaded with the device. For example, if you are approaching the ninth hole, it will come pre-loaded with the fairway, the hazard, and the distance to the fairway. It also comes pre-loaded with your current location and the slope you are on. For example, if you are on a slope at least one hundred feet below the top, you have ten feet to clear. Then it calculates how long it will take to clear this distance and tells you what the required adjustment will be.

Despite all the pros and cons, the GPS systems for golf watches are starting to find their way into professional golf courses as well. Currently there are three types of these devices available from Garmin, TomTom and Magellan - all of them have cons and pros. You have to decide which one works best for you - in my opinion the Garmin Approach S10 gps golf watch is the best GPS for golf watches.

The Garmin Approach S10 was also including a rangefinder, but unlike other GPS units it is not included with the watch. It comes as an add on and can be purchased separately. The screen on this model is large and easy to read. There is also a voice recording feature, which allows you to hear your own voice when you need to.